Getting Here


Fes is well connected to many major European hubs as well as domestic flights. We recommend Skycanner as a great tool for finding your perfect flight.

Direct flights to Fes from the UK are as little as £80 or €60 from mainland Europe when booked in advance and include a range of airlines including Ryanair!

Once you have your flight details and have booked a room, give me your flight details and I'll have a driver pick you up at the airport. The journey is about 25 minutes and costs 200DH.


Petit taxis in Fes are RED, and easy to find, just be sure that the metre is running as you leave. The Petit taxi is licenced to carry up to three passengers only.

Recently, at the station, taxi drivers are not putting their meters on. Your journey should cost 10 – 15DH.

I also need to warn you of the touts who ride the train, usually getting on at Meknes or Casa, and who approach and try to gain your confidence. Their ultimate aim is to arrange a tour guide for the next day and end up in his uncle’s carpet shop. They will tell you they are from Tourist Bureau and they, or their cousin, will take you to the Artisinal Cooperatives. An easy way to get them to leave is to politely tell them that you already have a guide pre-paid - whether that is true or not.

Look out for the Meknes stations and expect to arrive in Fes about 45 mins later. As you approach Fes you will see, on the left of the train, Mount Zalagh with telephone aerial on top.

From the train station, ask the taxi driver to take you to Ain Azleten car park in the Old Medina (Ancient Medina). Derb El Miter is the known area within the car park.

If you wish your train to be met, we will arrange the transfer for a cost of 80DH for up to 6 persons. All transfers after midnight and before 6am may incur an extra 50DH charge.

Bab Boujloud or Ain Azleten carpark

Bab Boujloud, main Blue Gate to the Medina – come into the space inside the Blue Gate, it is GREEN on the inside! With the gate behind you, the Kasbah restaurant on second level overlooks the other restaurants, walk towards it and take the turning to left of Kasbah though to Talaa K’Bira where you will see fruit stalls and turn right and DOWN into the Medina, through the markets, past Café Clock, and the famous water clock on your left, and on your right, the Medersa Bouanania.

Continue walking down for 5 mins, passing the Café Barcelona, and soon you will reach high walls both sides and an opening to a carpark on your left side – this is Ain Azleten.

Or, from here, continue DOWN....

Ain AZleten, large parking lot, is closer to the house.

From Ain Azleten, the large parking lot:

the entrance from the parking lot puts you onto (rue) Talaa K'Bira, turn left walk straight DOWN. The medina is like a basin and we are halfway down into it.

Walk about 300 meters, you will reach a covered area at this point

Notice that the narrow road becomes wider, and is covered by trellised cedar timber. Here the road/path forks.Turn LEFT (it seems to be a side street) it is Ferrane Kouicha.

Once you are on this narrow road/alley go about 40 meters , you will walk under a building that bridges over the street.At the first alley, turn to the right go about 10 meters, and you see another house over the street - this is Dar El Hana.

Entrance is right there in a short hallway entrance into the building, number 22. This leads to the house front door, but first to a black iron gate on your left, to the left of the iron gate, just above head height, you will see the door bell.

Arriving by Bus

The local Gare Routiere - fairly modern bus station is very close to Ain Azleten and an easy walk with light luggage and good shoes. We can arrange a transfer from CTM bus station in the New Town for a cost of 80DH.

Arriving By Car

If you are driving into Fes medina, have a good map available. Coming from Meknes direction, through Ville Nouvelle, take the Ring Road which goes through Bab Sagma and the Bab Sagma cemetery on your left, through the hexagonal towers opposite Bab Makina on your right.

On your right, you will pass two or three large Gates(Babs) with lots of people and you may see into the Baghdadi Square on your right, and shortly be aware of the large modern Bus Station (with pyramid skylights)on the left, opposite 'Kasbah Nouar' (housing within ancient walls) which will be marked on your map...Inshallah!

By now you will be seeing the wonderful ancient walls of the city on your right, and will see high up on the hill to the left, the North Fortress (Borj Nord), and the Merinides Hotel. The turnoff to the right is not signposted, but you should be in line with Borj Nord, when the road has a turn off to the right. Right again up the steep hill to the car park, where an attendant will help you park, and ask for a fee which will be 25-30DH per day/night to ensure safety of your car. Pay upfront for at least one day, or the payment will be sought when you are driving away.

Take a carroser if you need, as described above and ring before arrival to arrange a rendevous.

Carrossas or Porters

When you arrive at any Bab or gate, please be aware that Carrossas (porters with luggage carts) may approach you to assist in taking your luggage to the guest house. You are not obliged to use their services, however, if you do this will be at your own expense (usually 20 – 30 Dirhams). If two men take your cart, tell them you will only pay for one. Let me know if you'd like a member of my staff to meet you and guide you.

Bookings and Reservations

We provide a personal service for your enquiries. Email us at and we can recommend room availability. If you are a family, please state the ages of your children in order for us to recommend the most suitable accommodation. Baby cots are available.